What is BetOnValue?

At BetOnValue, we strive to provide you with the best possible information on odds available anywhere on the Internet. This means that you can check and compare odds from 165 bookmakers and betting exchanges from across the globe, covering essentially every sporting event in the world at any time.

We have a wide range of tools and features to assist you in your betting. Some require that you create an account with us.


We've totally revamped the standard BetOnValue navigation between sections. Instead of left sided buttons, we've created suggestive tabs to separate the different areas of the site.

Reaching the different sports, regions and tournaments hasn't changed, though, and we've made it faster than ever. When you're in the Odds Comparison section of BetOnValue, either navigate to a menu item by clicking its name, or expand and collapse its corresponding subsections by clicking the expand or collapse buttons attached to each item. For example, if you need to reach the English Premier League, you would have to find 'Football' or 'Soccer' (depending on your region) and click on 'Expand', then find 'England' and expand it, then click on 'Premier League'. Also notice the number besides every competition name, which helpfully represents the number of active events about to happen in that competition.

Odds table functions

You can sort any odds table to see the odds ordered by one of the columns of your choice.

We now probably have the best live odds comparison system in the world! Odds that were changed during the last 10 minutes are indicated with directional arrows in the odds tables. Take advantage of knowing where the market is moving! Click on the odds to see the previous value and the time of the change.

Betting exchanges sometimes have limited liquidity available at their best prices. Place your mouse on the odds to see a pop up showing also the second and third best prices and volumes. It is also possible to hide/show all exchange data from BetOnValue, simply by clicking the corresponding checkbox from the Settings menu.

Other info

Use the My Coupon function to compare odds on multiples. Simply click '+ Coupon' from the odds tables to build your coupon. The coupon is also a convenient tool to save matches that are interesting to you, to review upon a later return to the site.

For some betting types, it is possible to deduce the probability estimates underlying the bookmakers' odds. This is calculated and shown in the odds tables.

Accurate information about the various operational aspects of most bookmakers listed on BetOnValue, including the latest promotional offers.

By registering an account with us you can customize your bookmaker list, select two extra bookmakers for comparison, and choose to receive BrainMails.

Technical errors and delays may appear, causing the odds to be incorrect. We collect a lot of information from many different sources and may make mistakes in this process. In addition, a bookmaker may have had technical problems on their own website or slow Internet connections may have made it impossible for us to update the information. Always check the odds before placing a bet. The information is provided without liability.

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Best of luck in improving your return on betting.