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BetOnValue is proud to offer you the chance to make more on your betting by being the best informed in the business! Select the free version to get the standard bookmakers, 20 minuntes surebets delay and access to the fabulous accounting system. Even better, choose among the Silver subscription and receive 3 minutes SureBet delays and all bookmakers, or the ultimate Gold subscription for no delay at all!

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  • What is BetOnValue?

    At BetOnValue, we strive to provide you with the best possible information on odds available anywhere on the Internet. This means that you can check and compare odds from {0} bookmakers and betting exchanges from across the globe, covering essentially every sporting event in the world at any time.

    We have a wide range of tools and features to assist you in your betting. Some require that you create an account with us.

    We've totally revamped the standard BetOnValue navigation between sections. Instead of left sided buttons, we've created suggestive tabs to separate the different areas of the site.

    Reaching the different sports, regions and tournaments hasn't changed, though, and we've made it faster than ever. When you're in the Odds Comparison section of BetOnValue, either navigate to a menu item by clicking its name, or expand and collapse its corresponding subsections by clicking the expand or collapse buttons attached to each item.

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  • Getting Started

    Whenever you encounter this icon, there'll be some additional explanation or guidance to the function you're using: ?.

    Under matches you can select the matches you want to view odds from. Under outrights you can get odds on outright bets, such as the winner of Premier League. Use Next Matches to check up the upcoming events, and the Stats and Scores to see how your favorite teams and players have performed lately.

    Choose the bookmaker by clicking the link with the bookmaker's name. This will lead you to the bookmaker's website. For some bookmakers, there will be a direct deep link to a betting slip or the event inside the bookmaker's site. The direct links are placed on the odds in the odds tables and on the bookmaker names, in the other pages.

    Bookmakers operate with different terms, rules and regulations. For that reason it is a good idea that you become acquainted with certain business terms of the bookmaker. You can get help under Bookmaker Information.

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  • Basic Betting Guide

    Odds are numbers telling how much you can win in a bet at a given stake. In general the rule is the higher odds the lower probability of winning.

    Odds are presented in different formats or styles around the world, depending on local custom. In our odds tables, you can see odds presented in European, British, American, Malaysian, Indonesian, or Hong Kong standard.

    Some bookmakers support more than one of these standards. When you click from here to a bookmaker, the format may be different, but then just change the format to fit, to be sure that you're getting the right odds in your bet.

    Handicapping is a way of making a sports contest more even and thus more interesting as a betting object. In betting, this is done by awarding one of the teams, the underdog, some points or goals ahead. Different names and conventions are being used for this, depending on the sport and the geographical origin of the bookmaker, but once you see through this, the basic principle is always the same.

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  • Advanced Topics & Betting Secrets

    Betting exchanges are like any other exchanges: Places where objects can be bought and sold, contracts made. You don't bet against the exchange, like betting against a bookmaker, you bet against other users of the exchange.

    A SureBet, or arbitrage bet, is a set of bets where you are sure to win money, irrespective of what the outcome of the event turns out to be. You cannot lose.

    This short guide on arbitrage betting may help you get started and develop some good practices in your betting. It is by no means definitive. You will learn more as you go along, from your own experience and from talking to other people doing it. Take care and bet smart!

    SureBets come and go. In particular SureBets involving odds from betting exchanges are very volatile as user actions move prices at the blink of an eye. So you have to be fast. First of all, you need fast information. Our Gold product is aimed at this.

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